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July 28, 2010

Danielle Rose pursues God’s call to a new direction

FRANKLIN PARK, IL (July 28, 2010) - Following two years of an intensely personal journey to discern her vocation with the Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ—a Franciscan charismatic religious order—recording artist, composer, and Notre Dame graduate Danielle Rose accepted God’s invitation to witness the transformative grace of following God’s call. Free from the distractions of contemporary living, Danielle spent 28 months in communal and silent prayer listening to God—setting aside her musical career to discover who she truly is. Danielle accounts, “When I entered the convent, I thought this meant I would never record another CD or perform again. This was a very painful surrender. I realized that I had equated who I am with what I do,”

This religious community that welcomed and accompanied Danielle on her journey offered great support through her discernment. “The discernment process is a journey of steps,” says Danielle, “and all you can do is take one step at a time, in prayer, and listen to where God is leading you. It became peacefully, undeniably clear that God was leading me to resume my life in the world, with a profound freedom to embrace my call and mission.”

The decision to leave was not without struggle. Through the guidance of her spiritual director and the community of sisters, Danielle was able to identify the fears that might keep her from fully embracing God’s will for her life outside of the convent. She says she is very grateful for God’s invitation to enter the religious life and experience all it had to offer. Her time of formation ended in November 2009, when she left the convent and began her new journey.

Immediately before her entrance to the convent in August 2007, Danielle Rose recorded a new CD titled "Pursue Me," published by World Library Publications ( This project is her reflection on vocation. Her intent through this recording is to help those discerning their own vocation, by joining in their journey with her songs. “In my own life, I experienced the grace of hearing Jesus in the silence of my heart, revealing His eternal and infinite love for me as His bride. This album is a musical testimony of the grace that transformed my heart to respond to Christ’s call.” Her previous recordings include: "I Thirst" a musical reflection and celebration of the life of Mother Teresa; "Mysteries," a musical reflection of the rosary based on scripture; and her debut recording "Defining Beauty," featuring her widely popular song, "God Is."

Now, two and a half years later, Danielle is continuing the pursuit of God’s will in her life, leading her to resume travel, lead retreats, perform concerts, and share the music gifted to her with the world. Her message today is, “God is pursuing every soul, in every moment—in every vocation.” While Danielle knows that no one can be certain of the future, she trusts God, and says, “I will allow God to lead me in the dance of His will, one step at a time.”

Danielle Rose is now welcoming invitations to minister to parishes, retreat centers, and schools, as well as to perform for concerts and special events. She can be contacted for booking through Jose Melendez,, or call 417.598.0607.

For media inquiries contact Lisa Bagladi, Public Relations Manager at World Library Publications, or call 847.233.2749.

Pursue Me CD, WLP #007570, ISBN 978-158459-4406, and all of Danielle Rose’s music is available to stores worldwide and can be found at,, and several digital music stores, including iTunes®, Rhapsody, Napster, and Verizon Wireless.

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