Star of Bethlehem


From Album: Mysteries

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Click and print lead sheet includes vocal score, vocal harmonies, and guitar chords for the song "Star of Bethlehem" from Danielle Rose's album, "Mysteries." Includes chord diagrams at the top of the page for each song. Detailed instruction is given for replicating Danielle's unique guitar style and alternate tunings. A songbook for the entire collection of songs from "Mysteries" is also available for purchase from (SPECIAL PERFORMANCE NOTE FROM DANIELLE: When I play guitar on this song, I leave the guitar in standard tuning, but I use a double capo system to do a special alternate tuning. On the 1st fret I use a standard capo which covers all the strings. But on the 3rd fret I also add a partial capo which covers only the A, D, and G strings. This acts as a sort of "DADGAD" tuning without having to re-tune the guitar.)

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